“I wanted to make a clinic fable, and then to make it monumental, as if a small lesson in having a body could be installed on a government lawn.”

Written after a diagnosis of  highly aggressive triple negative breast cancer and in its treatment’s disabling aftermath, The Undying is a meditation on pain, vulnerability, mortality, medicine, art, time, space, exhaustion, economics, care, and other materialities– about “ephemeral sensation’s monument of an ephemeral half-literature” too.  The Undying is forthcoming from FSG in 2019 (U.S.),

“To be declared with certainty ill while feeling with certainty fine is falling on the hardness of language without being given even an hour of soft and a-verbal uncertainty in which to steady yourself with pre-emptive worry aka now you don’t have a solution to a problem, now you have a specific name for a life breaking in two. Illness that never bothered to announce itself to the senses radiates in its screen-life, as light is sound and is information encrypted, unencrypted, circulated, analyzed, rated, studied, and sold. In the servers, our health degrades or improves. Once humans were sick in our bodies. Now we are sick in a body of light.

We fall ill, and our illness falls under the hard hand of science, falls onto slides under confident microscopes, falls into pretty lies, falls into pity and public relations, falls into new pages open on the browser and new books on the shelf. Then there is this body (my body) that has no feel for uncertainty, a life that breaks open under the alien terminology of oncology, then into the rift of that language, falls.”



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