Anne Boyer is a U.S. poet and essayist and the inaugural winner of the 2018 Cy Twombly Award for Poetry from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. Boyer’s newest book, A Handbook of Disappointed Fate, is forthcoming from UDP in early 2018. Boyer’s other books include The Romance of Happy Workers (Coffee House 2008), My Common Heart (Spooky Girlfriend 2011), and the 2016 CLMP Firecracker award-winning Garments Against Women (U.S., Ahsahta 2015; U.K, Mute 2016) which Maureen McLane described in The New York Times as “a sad, beautiful, passionate book that registers the political economy of literature and of life itself.” Boyer is now in the final stages of a book called The Undying, forthcoming from FSG in August 2019. She lives in Kansas City, where she is a professor at the Kansas City Art Institute.

“The real content of Boyer’s text, beyond and apart from any answers, is the proliferation and exhaustion of its possibilities as a function of its question form. The accumulation of questions in Boyer’s text is exhausting. And the shape of their accumulation bears witness to the erotetic logic at work in certain strands of contemporary poetic production.” — Joe Luna, Unanswerable Questions, Chicago Review

“Boyer does not have to trace sorrow through the hand, or count each stitch of the dress. We see that we are already folded in its dark cloth, weighed down by its seemingly endless embellishments.” — Kristina Marie Darling, Sorrow and The Feminine in Three Experimental Texts, The Lost Angeles Review of Books